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Looking for carpet installation in Vancouver, B.C? You've come to the right place. Our experienced carpet installation team offers affordable prices, same-day estimates, and great quality carpets. Request an estimate today!

Affordable, efficient Vancouver carpet installation for residential & commercial homes and offices

Welcome to CarpetPros™, Vancouver's premier provider of exceptional carpet installation, repair, recycling, and more. We're Vancouver's home for carpets.

Upgrade your home with beautiful, affordable carpet repair or installation

Our team of carpet installation experts has installed over 4,000 carpets to-date across commercial and residential spaces. We do one thing and one thing only - but we do it very well.

  • High Quality Carpet Supplies & Services

    At CarpetPros™, we do great work for honest prices. We know funds can be tight. To us, a good carpet isn't a privilege - it's a right. You spend most of your time at home, so why not make it as comfortable and beautiful as possible?

  • Same-Day Carpet Installation Estimates

    Are you in a rush to finish your home or commercial contract? We offer same-day estimates (as long as you call before 11:00am). Our Vancouver carpet installation team can be at your home or office in moments to appraise your project.

With CarpetPros™, Convenience is King

Many people lament over how hard it can be to install a carpet. There are logistical concerns, pricing concerns, and aesthetic concerns. At CarpetPros™, we've dealt with all three thousands of times, and have the experience to ensure your carpet installation goes smoothly and conveniently.

  • Get an Estimate in One Hour

    Back in the day, a Vancouver carpet installation estimate could take anywhere from one to three hours. Estimators treated them as sales pitches more than anything else - they were slow, tense, and fraught with marketing. With CarpetPros™, we're in and out in one hour (unless you ask us to stay longer, of course!)

  • Highly Affordable Carpet Installation Materials

    Our Vancouver carpet installation experts get significant discounts on materials at most major suppliers. For that reason, if you purchase your inventory through our team members, you get to save a big chunk of both time & money.

#1 Vancouver Carpet Installation Services

Customers = Our #1 Priority

Since the day we started, CarpetPros™ has always put emphasized an excellent customer experience. We do this by providing great quality carpets, a seamless installation process, and (in our opinion) the best customer service on this side of the galaxy. We treat our customers like gold because they treat us the same way back, and this mutual respect defines our company.

Great Quality Carpets Start Here

Our commitment to Vancouver carpet installation quality begins with high quality materials, a strong relationship with local & international suppliers, and the technical know-how to ensure a good carpet fit. Our Vancouver carpet repair services also significantly prolong the lifespan of an average carpet - wherever we go, we add as much value as possible to you or your business.

Diverse Materials Selection

Many carpet installation companies or Vancouver custom area rug companies have great quality product, but they only carry two or three major carpet variants. At CarpetPros™, we provide one of the most diverse product selections currently on the market. We have an abundance of materials, pile thicknesses, ethnic styles, and more.

A Fantastic Customer Experience

CarpetPros™ is all about a fantastic customer experience. We do this by prioritizing phone calls during business hours and ensuring our response rates are, on average, over 5x lower than the average Vancouver competitor. We respond to emails and inquiries quickly, and believe in educating our customers on any carpet-related questions they might have.

Responsive Sales Team

We know how busy most commercial developers and contractors can be. For that reason, our sales team offers in-depth, same-day estimates at your Greater Vancouver area location. This offer extends to residential spaces as well. Need a carpet installed in the next week? We're the guys to do it.

Fast, Efficient Estimates

Our average estimate time from the moment we talk in the door to the moment we leave is less than 55 minutes. That's why we're the #1 Vancouver carpet installation company - we prioritize your time and convenience above all else. Want to get started? Just request an estimate today and we'll co-ordinate a booking!

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's get started! What do I need to do?

Great work on deciding that you're going to upgrade your home or commercial space! To get started, simply request an estimate using the button in the top right hand corner, and one of our team members will reach out to you to decide on the appropriate time to swing by.

Do I need to be home the entire time?

Not at all. In fact, it's often easier and faster for our Vancouver carpet installation experts to do their job while you're out at work or hanging out with friends - we get to utilize the space more fully and focus on the task at hand.

How long does an average carpet installation take?

Every Vancouver carpet installation differs in terms of size, square footage, materials, and project specifications, but on average, we install residential carpets in two to three days, and commercial carpets in under a week.

What's your pricing model. Are you guys expensive?

Not at all - we're very reasonable! Price is determined by a few factors. Among them, the square footage of the desired carpet size, the accessory work that goes into preparing the space (removing pre-existing hardwood, for example), and the distance from our service centers (if you're outsize of a designated zone).

I want a discount. What should I do?

Currently, the best way to get a discount on Vancouver carpet installation is to purchase your materials & supplies from us, rather than opting for a big-box third party store (like Home Hardware or similar). We get preferred discounts on our materials purchases, so we pass that on to you. Some people save thousands!

How many carpets have you installed? Are you guys good?

To-date, carpet installation experts have installed over 4,000 carpets in a variety of both commercial and residential areas. That number only goes up every day!

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