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Looking for carpet Recycling in Vancouver, B.C? You've come to the right place. Our experienced carpet recycling team offers affordable prices, same-day estimates, and great quality carpets. Request an estimate today!

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Thanks for stopping by CarpetPros™, the #1 provider of affordable, efficient carpet recycling in Vancouver. When you call a carpet recycling company, you're looking for fast, effective service, and that's what we do. We'll be at your door within twenty four hours.

Get carpet removal, carpet re-installation, and old carpet recycling all-in-one

We're not just a Vancouver carpet recycling company. Our experienced technicians are also top-rated Vancouver Carpet installers, and we oftentime combine our removal, installation and recycling services to give you a fantastic deal.

  • Respectful, Conscientious Staff

    The CarpetPros™ team has worked on thousands of jobs all over the lower mainland, and the two things we bring to every repair, removal, or recycling contract are talent and a great attidue. Our team is respectful, courteous, and kind, and when you go with us, you get professional service every time.

  • Same-Day Carpet Recycling

    One of the reasons we're the premier provider of carpet recycling in Vancouver is our Same Day Recycle Program. If you call in for a job before 9:00am within one of our service areas, we can have your carpet removed and recycled all on the same day. That's fast service!

We make carpet recycling highly convenient

If you're looking for carpet recycling, you've already self-identified as the kind of person who cares about the law & the environment. You deserve a convenient, efficient Vancouver carpet recycling company that puts your needs first and foremost. That's what we do.

  • Fast, efficient estimates

    If you call any one of our competitors, odds are, you'll be on the phone for a while - going back and forth over price, bookings, and so on. We know that estimates aren't meant to take up your whole day. When you call, we do our best to quote you then and there - otherwise, we'll send over a service provider ASAP so we can give you a fair estimate quickly.

  • Affordable carpet recycling

    You're already doing the right thing by recyling your carpet. Why make it harder by driving over to a recycling plant, paying an arm and a leg per square foot, and so on? We keep prices reasonable and fair, going as far as to provide free recycling if you get one of our joint removal and installation packages.

Top-Rated Carpet Recycling in Vancouver

Prioritizing Customer Experience

The only way our carpet recycling company grows is by providing a job well done to our customers, and making sure that our customer service is top-notch the whole way through. The better our service, the more likely you are to recommend us to friends and family - we know that, and it's why we do our best on every job. To us, it's a win-win: you get better service, and we get better business.

Bundle Removal, Installation, & Recycling For Lowered Price

One of the reasons we're so popular in Vancouver is due to our Carpet Makeover Package - a bundle that provides significant discounts on the removal, re-installation, and recycling of old carpets. By packaging all three, we get to spend less time travelling & more time beautifying your home, which allows us to carry our discounts on to you.

Commercial Carpet Recycling

Many carpet recycling companies differentiate between residential carpet recycling and commercial carpet recycling, citing things like 'different materials requirements' and so on. The truth is, they're just looking for ways to justify a higher price. Most carpets are highly similar, and we operate on a square-footage basis whether you're a homeowner who wants new carpets or you're a commercial contractor looking for some help.

Same-Day Estimates & Bookings

If you're looking for exceptionally fast, efficient service, look no further. When you call CarpetPros™ before 9:00am on a weekday within our service area, our team books you in for the same-day, meaning you can have a professional estimator at your home or commercial property within 8 hours. We do this because we know the faster we can provide an estimate, the more likely you are to go with us.

Operating All Across Canada

CarpetPros™ started in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, and we now operate all over the country. We have teams of experienced carpet installers, removers, and recyclers in nearly every major city across Canada, and offer the same unparalleled expertise and service regardless of where we are.

Accurate, Reasonable Quotes

When you go with us, you get accurate, reasonable Vancouver carpet recycling quotes. We do so on two bases: square footage, and any additional, unaccounted for work. The latter is easily identifiable with a quick estimate, and the former is as simple as you measuring out the carpet to be recycled before you call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's get started! What do I need to do?

Great work on deciding that you're going to upgrade your home or commercial space! To get started, simply request an estimate using the button in the top right hand corner, and one of our team members will reach out to you to decide on the appropriate time to swing by.

Do I need to be home the entire time?

Not at all. In fact, it's often easier and faster for our Vancouver carpet Recycling experts to do their job while you're out at work or hanging out with friends - we get to utilize the space more fully and focus on the task at hand.

How long does an average carpet Recycling take?

Every Vancouver carpet Recycling differs in terms of size, square footage, materials, and project specifications, but on average, we install residential carpets in two to three days, and commercial carpets in under a week.

What's your pricing model. Are you guys expensive?

Not at all - we're very reasonable! Price is determined by a few factors. Among them, the square footage of the desired carpet size, the accessory work that goes into preparing the space (removing pre-existing hardwood, for example), and the distance from our service centers (if you're outsize of a designated zone).

I want a discount. What should I do?

Currently, the best way to get a discount on Vancouver carpet Recycling is to purchase your materials & supplies from us, rather than opting for a big-box third party store (like Home Hardware or similar). We get preferred discounts on our materials purchases, so we pass that on to you. Some people save thousands!

How many carpets have you installed? Are you guys good?

To-date, carpet Recycling experts have installed over 4,000 carpets in a variety of both commercial and residential areas. That number only goes up every day!

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