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Looking for carpet repair in Vancouver, B.C? You've come to the right place. Our experienced carpet repair team offers affordable prices, same-day estimates, and great quality carpets. Request an estimate today!

Exceptional quality Vancouver Carpet Repair by professional carpet contractors

Thanks for stopping by CarpetPros™. We're the top-rated carpet installation and carpet repair company in Vancouver, offering quality services for both residential and commercial buildings.

Fantastic, efficient carpet repair for any occasion

We love what we do. Our expert carpet repair team consists of dozens of the most skilled and talented carpet repairers in Vancouver, and each of them have repaired hundreds of carpets over their careers with exceptional results. Your carpet will be no different.

  • Affordable Carpet Repair Services at Every Budget

    In today's day and age, with anything and everything at the click of a button, the budget of our prospective clients is of more concern than ever before. We know that one of the key things you're looking for aside from workmanship is a good deal. And CarpetPros™ has grown to help cater to those needs - we offer great, reasonable pricing to help you fix spills, scratches, and stains easily.

  • Call & Get An Estimate Same-Day

    It's not like you were planning on spilling something or damaging your carpet; the vast majority of the time, you're dealing with consequences that you didn't even know about until perhaps twenty four or forty eight hours ago. And you want it fixed fast. That's why CarpetPros™ offers same-day estimates (as long as you call before 11:00am PST). We're more than happy to send our estimators and book a repair within twenty four hours.

Our Contractors Are Efficient & Convenient

Getting started with carpet repair in Vancouver isn't easy. The actual process has dozens of variables - from the size of the damage, to the type of spill, stain, or cut, to the particulars of that specific carpet (materials, pile thickness, and so on). To combat this, our team at CarpetPros™ has spent thousands of hours developing a seamless, effective process that handles 99.9% of all carpet repair calls conveniently and efficiently.

  • A Diversity of Carpet Styles & Options

    Once your spill, stain, or cut is repaired, or if you decide that you require a new type of carpet, CarpetPros™ is happy to help. Our team carries a diversity of carpet types, thicknesses, and options. Whether you're looking for loop pile carpet in Vancouver, or you want cut pile carpets of a particular make, we've got you covered.

  • Repair Any Spill, Stain, or Scratch

    Our experienced Vancouver carpet repair team has dealt with hundreds of different types of carpet damage. From spills (of which there are also hundreds of types), to cuts, to burns, and other forms of damage, our carpet repair experts have seen it all, and we have just the thing for each type of damage. You won't find a more expansive or skilled set of people than CarpetPros™.

Top Quality Carpet Repair in Vancouver, British Columbia

Professional, Service-Minded Employees

Professionalism can be difficult to come by these days. Since CarpetPros™ began operating across Canada, our Vancouver carpet repair experts have diligently exemplified what it means to be a professional on every job. We show up on time, quote reliably and conservatively, and do our work ahead of schedule and under budget.

Durable Inventory & Long-Lasting Supplies

The exceptional quality of our Vancouver carpet repair services starts with understanding our material inside and out. After years working on thousands of different jobs, our team has a deep appreciation for carpet fabric and can instantly diagnose the vast majority of problems. We've also started carrying our own in-house carpet line, so you can get great quality deals on carpets if you shop with us.

Buy Materials From Us, Get A Discount

It's in our best interests to do a great, professional job for every client - and offer some of the best prices you've ever seen on carpet repair. That's because the better we do for you, the more likely you are to refer your friends, family, or colleagues to CarpetPros™ in the future, and the more our business can grow and help others as a result.

Full Replacements or Spot Repair

The vast majority of our estimates are for Vancouver carpet spot repairs. A spot repair is an instance where there's only a relatively small, constrained region of carpet that you require fixed. Alternatively, we also perform full carpet replacements in Vancouver and surrounding areas. This is usually when there's a systemic issue in the home, like pets, major burns, or ventilation issues. Whatever your needs, we'll knock it out the park for you.

Available for Emergencies

A lot of carpet repair inquiries are emergencies. Either massive damage occured in the middle of the night, or you're looking to sell a home quickly and need a spot cleaned up or the full carpet replaced. Whatever your needs, we're equipped with the means to act quickly and efficiently to solve your problem. Call now (prior to 11:00am) and receive an estimate same-day!

Fast, Convenient & Efficient Estimate Process

At CarpetPros™, we've done everything in our power to simplify the estimate process. Rather than provide long, drawn out estimates just to try and sell you on the need for our services, we know that the best way to earn a client's business is by giving them what they want quickly with as little fluff as possible. We're almost always in and out within an hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need from me to start?

Thanks for choosing CarpetPros™ as your Vancouver carpet repair company! To get started, all you need to do is call or leave a note on the form below with your full address and problem area, and a team member will reach out to you to coordinate a time.

Can I give you my keys?

Certainly! If you can't be home during the time that we book, it's of no issue whatsoever. Our team has worked with hundreds of clients in similar situations. You simply drop your keys off with us, and we coordinate a hand-off time or place for when you need to enter your building. If you have a spare, that's even better.

What's the average length that carpet repair takes?

It's difficult to say exactly how long our Vancouver carpet repair services take, because every situation is different. Full carpet replacements take significantly longer than spot repairs, for example. On average, though, our residential jobs are fast - expect us to be done the entire process from start to finish in under a week.

How do you price?

Honestly and reasonably. We're not the cheapest guys in town, nor are we the most expensive. The majority of our customers describe us as middle of the road in terms of price, but incredible in terms of value, service, and commitment to quality.

I want a discount.

We're happy you're considering working with us! The #1 way to get a significant discount on our products is to make the decision to purchase materials & supplies from us rather than one of the big-box hardware stores you're probably familiar with. We offer substantial discounts on the total repair price if you choose to do so.

What's your workmanship like?

Our workmanship is what our entire business revolves around. Our experienced Vancouver carpet repair team has installed over 4,000 carpets to-date, and we offer great quality repair, maintenance, and follow-up services as well. Whatever you require, we're the team for you.

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