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Welcome to CarpetPros™, your premier source for exceptional carpet installation, repairs, recycling and more. With us you're always in the right home for carpets! Start upgrading your home today with our remarkable, affordable carpet repair or installation! We install over 4,000 carpets per year for commercial and residential customers. We only do one thing - but we do it very well.

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Our company provides honest prices, and we know money is tight! Our goal at CarpetPros™ is to make your home as comfortable and beautiful as possible. That way you spend most of your time in it - so why wouldn't that be the right place for you? Additionally, we offer same-day estimates (but only if you call before 11:00am). Our installers can be at your property in moments to appraise your project. Your convenience always comes first with CarpetPros!

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At our company, we can offer significant discounts on materials with suppliers for you! If you purchase your equipment through us, you will be able to save time and money. Since the day CarpetPros started, they've always stressed an excellent customer experience. They achieve this by providing luxurious carpets, a flawless installation process, and (in their opinion) the best customer service on entire planet.

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At our company, we offer all of our clients an excellent customer service experience and realize that it's reciprocal. With a strong commitment to quality materials and the technical know-how to ensure proper fitting, our team of carpet installation experts are well-matched for your needs.

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Our carpet repair services will also prolong the lifespan of your carpets - anywhere in the world we work, we do it with as much value for your business. Although many carpet installation companies or custom area rug companies have high quality product, they only carry a small number of options.

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At CarpetPros™, we're committed to providing our clients with a super diverse range of product selection. We have an abundance of materials, pile thicknesses, and styles for all your carpets. CarpetPros™ is all about prioritizing phone calls during business hours and ensuring their response rates are, on average, over 5x lower than the average Vancouver competitor.

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We respond to emails and inquiries quickly, and we believe fabricating your bathroom carpet is about educating our customers. Our sales team offers in-depth, same-day estimates at your Greater Vancouver location, especially for commercial developers and contractors.

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Are you in need of a new carpet installed soon? We're the best for the job. Based on our average estimate time, we can find you the best solution in less than 55 minutes.

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That's why it's important you choose us for your carpet installation needs. Want to start early?

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Currently, our carpet installation company has installed over 4,000 carpets. That number only increases every single day!

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