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If you're looking for carpet installation in Vancouver, B.C., then look no further. Our experienced team offers affordable prices and great quality carpets! Get started today with our fantastic and quick estimates!

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Welcome to the home for carpets in our city, CarpetPros™, where we provide exceptional carpet installation, repair, recycling and more. Call or message today to start your upgrade with our beautiful, affordable carpet repair and installation. Carpet specialists from our team have installed over 4,000 carpets in all types of spaces like commercial and residential. Their one goal is to exceed customers' expectations - and they do it quite well!

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When it comes to carpet choices, you shouldn't feel obligated to spend tons of money. A good carpet is affordable and beautiful! As an added bonus, CarpetPros™ is a great company that's dedicated to providing honest service. Additionally, we offer same-day estimates (as long as you call before 11:00am). Our carpet installation team can come to your home or office and give you an estimate in moments. With our incredible service levels, your convenience is always first.

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We get significant discounts on our materials at major suppliers, which is why we are able to offer up to 30% off for our customers. It's a win-win situation: you save time and make money! Based on our 10+ year history, CarpetPros™ puts emphasis on excellent customer service. This is done through providing quality carpets, a seamless installation process, and (in our opinion) the best customer experience in all of Canada.

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The way we treat our customers sets the standard for how they are return to us, and this mutual respect defines our company. Our commitment to quality carpets is led from top-quality materials, an extensive supplier network, and skilled technicians.

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We provide our customers with many types of carpet repair services. From carpets that are in-between, to those that need replacing, you or your business can receive superior quality remedial work from us. Many carpet installation companies or rug providers offer great quality, but only carry two to three major carpet variants.

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At CarpetPros™, we have the most diverse product selection currently on the market. We offer materials like pile thicknesses and ethnic styles. CarpetPros™ is all about providing an excellent customer experience. We focus on prioritizing phone calls during business hours, ensuring our response rates are, on average, over five times lower than the average Vancouver competitor.

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We respond quickly to emails and inquiries, provide education about carpet-related questions, and empower our customers. Because we know how busy commercial developers and contractors can be, our Quebec-based sales team offers in-depth electrical estimates that're completed the same day.

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Do you need a carpet installed in the next week? We can help! On average, we can provide an estimate in less than 55 minutes.

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That's why our company is the #1 carpet installation company - we prioritize your convenience and time. Want to get started?

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The number of carpets installed by carpet installation experts has been consistently rising and their projects are increasing in both commercial and residential areas.

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