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Welcome to CarpetPros™, one of the best carpet companies in our city. We specialize in quality carpet installation, repair, recycling and more- it's what we do! Call or message today to start upgrading your home with our affordable hassle-free carpet repair and installation. Our team of experts has installed over 4,000 carpets to-date across commercial and residential spaces. We do only one thing and we do it very well.

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At CarpetPros™, we offer thorough carpet installation services for affordable prices. We know with tight funds that it's tough to do much remodeling when financial resources are so limited, but all you need is a little help and your home will be better than ever! Your home or office can get appraised quickly and efficiently usually within minutes of calling, as long as you make the call before 11:00 am. Our carpet installation team is on-call 24 hours a day. With CarpetPros, your convenience and satisfaction are always our priority.

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We offer significant discounts on carpet materials at most major suppliers, so our customers save money and time if they purchase their materials through us. Since the day we started, CarpetPros™ has always put emphasis on providing clients with great quality carpets, a seamless installation process, and good customer service.

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Exceptional Quality Carpets .

We treat our customers like it because they are treated great by us, and this mutual respect defines our company. We offer exceptional installation quality in part due to our focus on high-quality materials, working with local and international suppliers, and technical know-how.

Great Quality .

We provide our customers with a high-quality restoration of their carpets in Montreal, QC that prolongs its lifespan significantly - wherever we go, we add as much value to you or your business. Many area rug installation companies or carpet installation companies have great quality products, but they carry only two or three major carpets.

Diverse Materials .

We provide a diverse product line at CarpetPros™. We have an abundance of materials to choose from for any type of home's flooring needs, and we even offer ethnic styles. CarpetPros™ focuses on superior customer service. With dedicated phone lines during business hours and an average response rate that is at least 5x less than the average in Vancouver, we ensure our clients are always satisfied.

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We respond to emails and phone inquiries quickly, and we strive to educate our customers on any carpet-related questions they might have. We understand how busy commercial developers and contractors can be, which is why we offer professional estimates in-person to customers at their Greater Vancouver location.

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Need a carpet installed at your place in the next week? We're the company you should hire to do it. We average less than 55 minutes to do an electrical estimate from the moment we talk in your door to the time that we leave after completing it.

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That's why we're the #1 company for carpet installations - we prioritize your time and convenience above all else. Look no further because it's only a matter of moments before you can get started!

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In-total, carpet installation experts have installed almost 4,000 carpets in various areas of commercial and residential properties. Our installers work hard every day to provide outstanding service!

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Since our start, CarpetPros™ has provided top-quality carpet installation for thousands of people in and around our city. Today, we protect the six provinces with our experienced carpet installation company and dozens of partners.

We, at our company, are not just an exceptional quality carpet installation company. We also provide exceptional quality services like flooring installation and cleaning, area rugs of all sizes, and more!

We provide exceptionally fast response times so you never need to wait long for help. Our friendly, skilled staff are experts when it comes to most carpet issues and can give you a free estimate.

Our customers' experience is number one on our priority list, and the business works hard to keep them happy. To learn more about any of our deals, or if you need a quote visit us today!

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