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Seeking a carpet overhaul in Vancouver, B.C? You're on the right track! Our experienced carpet installation company has provided consistent quality and affordable prices for many years. Request an estimate today!

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Welcome to CarpetPros™, your home for carpets in this city. We're here for all of your carpet needs. Call or message today for your free estimate on affordable carpet repair and installation. From carpet installation to-date, our team has installed over 4,000 carpets in commercial and residential spaces. We provide one thing and one thing only - but we're excellent at it!

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No matter your budget, you can rest assured with a good carpet. At Carpet Kings, we know that the time spent at home is valuable and real money needs to be saved in other areas of life as well. Additionally, our carpet installation company works with both residential and commercial clients. Home or business owners can call us before 11 am to schedule a time for an on-site quotation. At CarpetPros, we're always on top of your convenience and take pride in understanding your needs.

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Our team members can get significant discounts on materials at majority of major suppliers. Because these discounts add up quickly, you'll save money by purchasing from our experts too. CarpetPros™ believes that providing an excellent customer experience is what sets them apart from the competition. They do this by providing great quality carpets, a seamless installation process, and (in their opinion) excellent customer service.

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We treat our customers with the utmost respect because in turn they do the same for us, which defines what we stand for as a company. Our commitment to providing a fantastic installation starts with high-quality materials, exclusive relationships with suppliers, and the specialized skills necessary to ensure that your carpet is installed well.

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With our carpet repair services, your average carpet will last as long and be put to as much use as possible. Many carpet installation companies or custom area rug companies have a lot of different types of quality products, but they only carry two or three major varieties.

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At CarpetPros™, you can choose from a great selection of products that are currently on the market. With our huge assortment of materials, pile thicknesses, ethnic styles and more, choosing something is as easy as picking one idea! For our customers, we prioritize phone calls during business hours to ensure a better response rate and provide a fantastic customer experience.

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We respond quickly to emails and inquiries and believe in educating our customers on any carpet-related questions they might have. Our sales team is available at your Greater Vancouver area to offer in-depth, same-day estimates for commercial developers and contractors.

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Need expert carpentry decorating your building's carpet? We're the company for you. With our average estimate time from the moment we talk in the door to the moment we leave being less than 55 1/2 minutes.

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That's why we're the #1 carpet installation service - we prioritize your time and convenience above all else. Want to get started?

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Your carpet installation company has already installed over 4,000 carpets in a variety of both commercial and residential areas. That number only goes up every day!

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Since CarpetPros™ first started, we've provided phenomenal carpet installation to thousands of people in and around our beautiful city. Today, we are a seasoned carpet installation company with dozens of partners throughout Canada.

We are not just a high quality carpet installation company. Our experienced local technicians also provide exceptional repair, area rug, and more!

We offer readily available response times so you never need to wait long for assistance. We guarantee fast, efficient and free estimates with our friendly staff who are experts at carpet issues.

We emphasize exceptional customer service at our company and will do everything in our power to ensure your experience is smooth, convenient, and easy. For more information on any of our deals or promotions, contact us today!

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