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Looking for affordable carpet installation in Vancouver, BC? We've got your back! Our experienced team of professional carpet installers has provided great service and quality carpets since 2006.

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Welcome to Carpet Kings! We offer a wide variety of carpet installation services, and we're home for finding recycled carpets. Reach out to us today for affordable carpet repair or installation services! We have installed over 4,000 carpets and do one thing - installation. We take pride in providing our clients with the best service possible at a great price!

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Here at CarpetPros™, we don't think of the carpets you walk on as luxuries. We believe a good carpet is a necessity! At CarpetPros™, be sure to invest in your home and our customers appreciate us for it. Additionally, in this case we offer fast, same-day estimates (depending on when you reach us by phone)! Our dedicated contractors are ready to appraise your project ASAP. Your convenience always comes first with CarpetPros™.

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Our carpet installation experts save on materials at most major suppliers! If you'd like to save more time and money, then purchase your inventory from one of our team members. Since the day we started, CarpetPros™ always puts emphasis on excellent customer service. We do this by providing great quality carpet installation, a seamless process, and (in our opinion) the best customer service in town.

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We treat our customers the same because they have RESPECT for us, which is why we're very loyal to them. With the commitment to quality beginning with high-quality materials, we work in close contact with suppliers both domestic and international in order for our clients' carpet installation needs to be fulfilled.

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at Carpet Repair, we're able to add a lot of value when taking on carpet repair jobs. Whether you need your carpets fixed or cleaned, our professionals can help. Many carpet installation companies, and some custom area rug companies have great quality product, but they only carry a couple major carpet types.

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At CarpetPros™, we offer a wide range of products to meet your needs - with an abundance of materials, pile thicknesses, ethnic styles and more. CarpetPros™ is all about providing a fantastic customer experience! We prioritize phone calls during business hours, and our response rates average 5x lower than the Vancouver competition.

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We respond to emails quickly and answer questions about carpeting. We educate our customers on any queries they might have regarding the product. Our sales team offers in-depth, same-day estimates at your Greater Vancouver area location. For that reason, we know how busy most commercial developers and contractors can be.

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Need your carpet installed in the next week? Our company offers that service and will do it well. We typically provide homeowners with electrical estimates in an hour or less.

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That's why we're the #1 carpet installation company - use our service to gain quick convenience and avoid hidden costs. Want to get started?

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To date, architects and carpet installation experts have installed over 4,000 carpets in a variety of both commercial and residential areas. And that number keeps rising every day!

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CarpetPros™ was founded in 2009, and our team has long been providing fabulous carpet installation services to hundreds of thousands of people in this city. Today, we have grown into an experienced carpet installation company and provide technical support for dozens of partners throughout Canada.

We don't just offer high quality carpet installation. Our local technicians also offer exceptional services, such as carpet repair, flooring installation and much more!

With the fastest response time in the business, your wait is never long. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are able to provide you with high-quality carpet estimates in a short period of time.

Our staff emphasizes customer service, and our team does everything in their power to ensure you have an amazing experience. For more information on any of the deals we're running or promotional offers available today, contact us!

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