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Welcome to CarpetPros™! Our company of expert carpet professionals are your destination for high-quality carpets. Find out about using our affordable carpet repair or installation services today! We only focus on carpet installation, and we've installed over 4,000 carpets to date! Our quality standards are the absolute best.

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CarpetPros™ has made it its mission to provide excellent carpet for your home at a fair price. We know that money may be tight sometimes, but you deserve decorative and comfortable furniture pieces in every room of your house - including those bedrooms full of sleepover guests! In addition, we offer free same-day estimates for qualified customers. When you call us before our regular 11:00 am office hours, our team can be at your home or office in moments. We always put your convenience first, because with CarpetPros™ you get amazing carpet installation work.

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At our company, we frequently get significant discounts on materials from major suppliers. If you purchase your inventory through our team members, then you can save a big chunk of time and money! As an organization, CarpetPros™ has been committed to providing our customers with the best possible customer service. We provide top-notch quality and seamless installation for all of our clients, along with a fantastic price that's hard to beat!

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In this case, our clients always treat us like gold and we're just as grateful. This mutual respect defines our company because it's treated the same way too. At Carpet Town, we're committed to providing high quality carpet installations. Our materials are tailored to your property and our relationships with local & international suppliers allow us to provide a perfect fit for your rooms.

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At our company, we ensure that our carpet repair services will add tremendous value to your home or business. Many carpet installation companies and custom area rug companies have great quality product, but they only carry two or three major variants of their carpets.

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Our product selection is one of the most diverse on the market and we have a lot of materials, thicknesses, styles, and more. CarpetPros™ emphasizes a fantastic customer experience by prioritizing phone calls during business hours and ensuring their response rates are over 5x lower than the average Vancouver competitor.

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We respond to emails and inquiries quickly, and we believe in educating our customers on any questions they might have when it comes to carpets. From our sales team's perspective, we know how busy many commercial developers and contractors can be. Because of this, we offer in-depth same-day estimates that they can receive at your Greater Vancouver area location.

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Do you think your carpets would take a week to install? That's easy! Give us a call, and we'll get the job done. We typically take less than 55 minutes from the moment we talk in through door to when we leave after completing an estimate.

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For this reason, we're the #1 carpet installation company. We make it a priority to prioritize your time and convenience - sign up today!

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To-date, carpet installation experts have installed over 4,000 carpets in a variety of both commercial and residential areas. And that number just keeps getting bigger every day!

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