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Looking for carpet installation in Vancouver, B.C? Our experienced carpet installation team has been providing wonderful service with affordable prices, same-day estimates, and top quality carpets! Request an estimate today


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CarpetPros™ offer the finest in carpet installation, repair, recycling and more! They're on top of everything in their industry. Reach out to us today and treat yourself to either inexpensive carpet repair or installation. We've installed over 4,000 carpets to-date and are able to expertly install them across commercial and residential spaces. Our one goal is to provide the best carpet installation service possible for our customers.

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We at CarpetPros™ do great work for affordable prices. We know funds can be tight, so we don't think of a good carpet as just being able to own one - it's something that you deserve! You spend most of your time at home, so why wouldn't you make it as comfortable and beautiful as possible? We also offer an instantaneous rug estimate (any time of day) and our carpet installation specialists can be at your home or office in moments. In this case, your convenience always comes first with CarpetPros™.

Highly Affordable & Experienced

If you purchase your carpeting through our experienced and highly-discounted flooring contractors, you'll cut significant amounts of time & money. After Carpet Kings began, they have always focused on providing great customer service. They do this by providing all-natural materials in their carpets and a smooth installation process that's (in our opinion) unbeatable.

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Exceptional Quality Carpets .

We treat our customers like gold because they respect us and we return their respect. This mutual appreciation defines our company. Our commitment to installation quality begins with high-quality materials, a long relationship with local and international suppliers, and technical expertise.

Great Quality .

Your carpets will last longer and increase in value with our reputable carpet repair services. There are many different quality area rugs or carpet companies, but they only carry two or three major variants.

Diverse Materials .

At CarpetPros™, we have an abundance of products to choose from. We have a variety of pile depths and styles for ethnic furniture, including knock-offs to upholstered seating. CarpetPros™ calls during business hours striving to respond 5x faster than average competitors, a new approach that seeks to provide unmatched customer service.

Fantastic Customer Experience

We answer emails and inquiries quickly, are always willing to impart any carpet-related information you need, and believe in educating our customers on any flooring related questions they might have. We try our best to offer same-day estimates at your Greater Vancouver area location because we know this can be a time-sensitive process for commercial developers and contractors who are often busy.

Responsive Team

You need a carpet installed next week? Let our team of professionals get it done! Our company specializes in installing carpets for people in the Montreal, QC area. Our average estimate time from the moment we talk in the door to the moment we leave is less than 55 minutes.

Efficient Estimations

That's why we're the #1 in carpet installation. We prioritize your time and convenience above all else. Ready to get started?

Highly Experienced

In total, carpet installation experts have installed over 4,000 carpets of all different kinds in a variety of both commercial and residential settings. This number is likely only to increase every day!

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CarpetPros™ specializes in providing amazing carpet installation to people in and around the beautiful city of Montreal! Since our company's inception, thousands of customers have been satisfied with our services. Today, we've grown into an experienced carpet installation company with dozens of employees throughout Canada.

Our company offers a variety of quality services. You don't just have to rely on our carpet installation experts; we also offer great flooring installation and area rug installation!

With this, our response times are extraordinarily fast so you don't have to wait long for help. Our expert staff members are committed to providing friendly, efficient service for your carpet issue. Our estimates are fast and free!

We have a commitment to professional customer service and our team does everything we can to ensure each of our customers have an excellent experience. For more information on any of our deals or promotions, contact us today!

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