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Welcome to CarpetPros, our city's premier carpet specialist! We're your home for carpets and more. Call or message today for a beautiful, affordable carpet repair or installation. At our company, we're committed to providing a fantastic customer experience for our clients. Our carpets are installed with exceptional quality, and have been in homes and businesses worldwide.

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At CarpetPros™, we know you don't want to pay for higher quality carpet. To us, a great deal is always the best option. We offer both lower prices and high-quality service. Why spend most of your time on your home trying to make it beautiful when you can trust CarpetPros™ for all of the hard work? You can also trust our carpet installation team to provide you with a speedy, same-day estimate. Our estimators are on site from 10am throughout the day. With CarpetPros™, our team will always provide you with the convenience you deserve.

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We offer significant discounts on our large-scale business inventory. If you purchase your goods from one of our industry experts, then it will save both time and money for you. From the day we started, CarpetPros™ is dedicated to providing an excellent customer experience. We do this by serving those seeking for high-quality carpets and a sleek installation process, as well as (in our opinion) having the best customer service on this side of the galaxy.

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We treat our customers like gold, because they know what real respect is, and that's why we hold them in high regards. We are committed to providing quality installation services with our high-quality materials, strong relationships with suppliers and local knowledge of how do ensure a good fit.

Great Quality .

We also provide significant life-extending functions for carpets - wherever we go, we add as much value to our clients or businesses. There are many carpet companies that have excellent quality but they offer only a few dozen rug options.

Diverse Materials .

At CarpetPros, we provide a diverse selection of items for you to choose from. You'll find everything from basic carpeting all the way up to hardwood flooring and more! CarpetPros™ emphasizes a fantastically responsive customer experience by prioritizing phone calls during business hours, and the average response rate is over five times lower than our competitors in Vancouver.

Fantastic Customer Experience

With our quick response time and dedication to education, we help answer any of your carpet-related concerns. Your Greater Vancouver area commercial developers and contractors are probably very busy, because of which our sales team offers in-depth same day estimates

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Are you in need of a carpet installation in the next week? We're the ones to do it. From the moment when we talk in the door to the time when we leave, on average it takes less than 55 minutes.

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That's why we're the #1 for carpet installation and give your time priority! If you need us, just give me a call!

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To-date, carpet installation experts have installed over 4,000 carpets in a variety of both commercial and residential areas. The number only goes up every day!

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We offer insanely fast response times, so you never have to wait long for help. Our friendly, experienced staff are experts at virtually all types of carpet issues. That makes our estimates fast and free!

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