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Welcome to CarpetPros, our city's premier provider of exceptional carpet installation, repair, recycling and more. We're the perfect option for your home or business when it comes to carpets! Call or send us a message today to get started on the process of upgrading your home with our beautiful, affordable carpet repair and installation. And our team of carpet installation experts? They've installed over 4,000 carpets so far. To date, these are the best! We specialize in commercial spaces--and provide top notch service overall.

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At CarpetPros™, we know your family needs help with funds, so we offer high-quality carpeting with great prices. You have a lot of time at home and you spend most of it there - make it as comfortable and beautiful as possible! In addition, we offer surprisingly quick estimates (as long as you call before 11:00am). Our installation team can show up quickly to appraise your projects. With the convenience of our CarpetInstallation Pros™, you always come first.

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We're able to provide discounts on carpet installation for our customers when they purchase their materials through the team. That saves them both time and money! CarpetPros™ has been providing an absolute stellar customer experience for their clients for years. They do this by providing high-quality carpets, easy installations, and fantastic customer service.

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Our customers consider us to be a valued partner, and we value our mutual respect that defines our company. We're committed to delivering quality carpet installations with top-notch materials, a strong relationship with local and international suppliers, and the technical know-how to ensure your room will have the perfect fit.

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In terms of carpet repair, our services also last significantly longer than average and for the best value to you or your business. Many carpet installation companies or custom area rug companies have excellent product, but they only carry two or three major carpet variants.

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At CarpetPros™, we provide one of the most diverse product selections currently on the market. We have an abundance of options for materials styles and colors, pile thicknesses and more. CarpetPros™ is all about providing a fantastic customer experience. Our phone call responses average 5x lower than our competitors and we provide more business hours to take care of your needs while improving on quality.

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Our company immediately responds to emails and answers any questions quickly! We provide information about carpet-related questions, too. Even though most commercial developers and contractors can be busy, we offer same-day estimates at no charge for our Greater Vancouver area customers.

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In the next week, if you need a carpet installed, our company is ready to help. We provide customers, on average, with an estimate of less than 55 minutes following their first contact with our team.

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We put your convenience ahead of all else because we prioritize it! Want to get started on your project?

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To-date, carpet installation experts have installed over 4,000 carpets in both commercial and residential areas. Once again, the number only increases every day!

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With our experience, our team has been providing quality carpet installation to thousands of people in and around our beautiful city for the past 15 years. Today, we've helped hundreds of customers throughout Canada with our experienced carpentry services.

We want to be more than just an exceptional quality, affordable carpet installation company. Our local technicians also provide superior repair services for you!

In this case, we offer our clients swift response times so they never have to wait long for help. Your friendly, experienced staff will help get your carpet issue fixed in no time flat and provide you with an exceptional estimate that is also free of charge!

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