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Welcome to CarpetPros, our premier provider of carpet installation and repair! When you've got carpet needs, we're the answer. Call or message today to start upgrade your home with our beautiful, affordable carpet repair and installation. With our experience of over 4,000 installations and commercial and residential work - we've touched every type of carpet imaginable.

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At CarpetPros™, we provide excellent service at a reasonable price for your home! Investing in comfort and beauty is never expensive - it's worth every penny. As you spend most of your time at home, why not make the best of it? Additionally, we offer great same-day estimates. We're servicing clients on the go! Our installation team can be at your home or office moments after you call before 11:00am. At CarpetPros™, your convenience is always our top priority.

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We provide substantial discounts on materials with our manufacturers and ensure that you're saving time and money when buying from us. CarpetPros™ realizes the importance of providing an excellent customer experience. We do this by providing high quality carpet installation services, a seamless process, and superior customer service.

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This mutual respect defines our company. We value our customers and show them their importance on a daily basis, so they should appreciate this gesture from us. Our commitment to installing quality carpets begins with the use of high-quality materials, an established relationship with local and international suppliers, and turning technical know-how into a good fit.

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Our carpet repair services lengthen the lifespan of an average carpet and significantly increase the value. Many companies specialize in specific design types but they only offer two or three major variants of carpet.

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We offer a diverse selection of products for our clients at CarpetPros™. We have a lot of different materials, pile thicknesses, and styles that are appropriate to different ethnic groups.' CarpetPros™ emphasizes a fantastic customer experience - with outstanding response rates of up to 5x lower than average - by making time for phone calls during business hours.

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At this company, we answer emails and inquiries quickly. We also educate our customers on any carpet-related questions they may have. Our sales team is highly trained to give in-depth, same-day estimates for commercial developers and contractors. That's why we can provide exceptional service!

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Your carpet installation is imminent? We're the team to do it! Our average estimate time from the moment we talk in the door to the moment we leave is less than 55 minutes.

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We prioritize your time and convenience by coming out when it's convenient for you, so please come on in.

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So far, carpet installation experts have installed over 4,000 carpets in a variety of both commercial and residential areas. That number goes up every day!

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With CarpetPros™ since inception, our professional team has installed exceptional quality carpet in and around Montreal for countless people. Today, we have dozens of experienced partners throughout Canada. We are a multiservice company with many clientele looking for advanced solutions.

Using our knowledge and expertise, we are able to offer a quality service in the form of carpet installation too!

Because of our exceedingly fast response times, you will never have to wait too long for help. Our friendly, experienced staff are experts at most carpet issues. We offer fast, efficient, and free estimates!

We are committed to excellent customer service and do everything in our power to ensure you have an easy and convenient experience. For more information on any of our deals or promotions, please contact us today!

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