How to Hire a Carpet Installation Company

Edd H. English

So, it's time for a new carpet. Maybe that wine stain just won't come out, or perhaps it's time for a fresh look. But how do people get carpets installed? Here's a quick guide on how to hire a carpet installation company.

The first step is to pick a carpet. Browse local or national retailers to find a style, colour and material that suits the space. Once a choice is made, it's time to hire a carpet installer.

Before The Installation Process

The first step once the carpet is chosen is to arrange a measuring appointment with the retailer. A member of staff will come and measure the space where the carpet will be going. This will allow the carpet installation company to provide an accurate estimate for the job.

Some carpet retailers will have their own in-house fitters for commercial carpet installation, while others may suggest local installers that they usually work with. Work with the company to arrange a convenient time for the job. Once agreed, the carpet installation company should provide details of their requirements for the room.

Preparing the room

To prepare for the carpet installation, remove all furniture from the area where the carpet will be laid. For heavier pieces like wardrobes or dining tables, the carpet installation company may assist with moving them. This will provide a clear, safe work area for the installers and ensure full floor coverage for the carpet.

Extremely large or fragile pieces will need to be moved by the customer. If it isn't possible to personally remove the furniture, there are professional movers who can be hired to perform the service. Shop around for local movers who can help. It's also a good idea to remove any wall decorations, and empty drawers or cabinets if possible to make them easier to move.

Another good thing to do before receiving a new carpet is to make sure that any other planned decoration work in the room is complete. The carpet should be the last piece of the puzzle. Having a new carpet laid and then repainting the walls can be a recipe for disaster!

Depending on the carpet installation company, they may include removing the old carpet as part of their service. However, this may incur an additional labour charge, so check with them first.

If carpet removal will cost extra, it's possible to do a DIY removal. In this case, clean and hoover the carpet to remove particles of dirt and dust that may get thrown up into the air. Use a utility knife to cut the carpet up section by section. Roll up each strip to make it easier to dispose of. Make sure the knife blade is sharp.

After removing the old carpet, clean and hoover the floor again. This will provide the best start for the new carpet, and ensure that dirt or debris will not be trapped underneath. Check to see if local disposal grounds allow carpets to be dumped. Some locations may offer carpet recycling.

During the work

Now, the room is ready for the carpet. The installers will arrive at the agreed time and will probably provide a quick estimate on how long it might take. Make sure that the installers have a clear, unobstructed path to the room where the carpet will be laid.

The size and shape of the room will dictate how long the work will take. Rectangular rooms are the easiest. Things such as fireplaces or built-in wardrobes need working around, and will require longer time. Stairs will also take a longer amount of time if they are included. It is possible that the installer may need to temporarily remove the doors in a room to complete the job successfully.

For the safety of both the household and the installers, it's a good idea to keep pets and small children in a separate area of the home. This way, they won't get in the way or injure themselves. Keep them under supervision, as the carpet installation process can sometimes be fairly noisy and messy. Once the job is done, the installation team should clear up any mess or debris from the work.

Important things to bear in mind

If the new carpet is thicker than the old one, doors require trimming. This can either be adjusted personally or outsourced to a professional carpenter. The carpet installation company will likely not perform or offer this service. When choosing a new carpet, it's also a good idea to check if the underlay needs replacing. Check what kinds of sub-flooring the retailer offers. This will add time and cost to the job if it needs doing.

All that's left to do now is move the furniture back in and enjoy a brand new carpet!

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