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At CarpetPros we take pride in our service and commitment to the environment. After starting over 10 years, we have been providing Calgary with the best carpet recycling services available since then. We also offer carpet installation and repair services as well as carpet cleaning to both commercial and residential customers.

Our website provides more information on carpet recycling, installation and repair services. For more information about our company or to schedule an appointment for carpet cleaning, installation, or repair service, call us or visit our website at

CarpetPros is a company that has been dedicated to providing superior quality service to its customers for over 10 years now. We specialize in all things related to carpets whether it is installation, repair or removal and recycling. Our main goal is customer satisfaction which we accomplish by providing high quality service at affordable prices.

We are a Calgary based company that offers a wide range of services including: carpet recycling; installation; repairs; complete removal of old carpets along with their disposal; as well as professional cleaning services for various types of carpets such as wool, nylon and polyester just to name a few. With years of experience in the industry we are able to handle even the most challenging jobs without any problems whatsoever. Our technicians are highly trained professionals who always follow industry standards while performing their tasks regardless if they’re carpeting installations or repairs or even during the removal process.

Each step of the way is done by our specialists with extreme care so that we can avoid any unnecessary damage being done during the process of removing your old carpets and installing new ones which will ultimately eliminate your need to hire other contractors for additional work around your home such as drywall repair or painting etc.

By doing so we can help you save not only time but money as well since you won’t need to hire additional contractors for these tasks but rather let us do them instead using our team of professionals who know what they’re doing when it comes down to these types of work being performed on any type of flooring including: hardwood floors; ceramic tile floors; marble floors etc.

CarpetPros is not just another ordinary company when it comes down to offering quality workmanship while performing these tasks but rather has become one of the most sought after companies in Calgary due to its ability to provide high quality workmanship every single time while always treating each customer with utmost respect no matter what kind of job they have given us whether it’s large scale jobs requiring extensive manpower or small scale jobs taking only minimal time from start until completion.

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CarpetPros™ is a leading Canadian carpet installation company. We offer exceptional and affordable carpet installation, carpet repair, and carpet recyling in almost all major Canadian cities. Simply click here to submit a quote request and an associate will be in touch.

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